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Downtown Chestertown Association Speeds Ahead

Chestertown, Md., April 16, 2010 - On Thursday, April 15th the DCA met at the Imperial Hotel for their monthly meeting. As a way to learn more about each other, the monthly meetings are moving around town. The May 20th meeting will be hosted by Occasions Catering on Cannon Street at 5:30.

The first order of business was to formally and publicly acknowledge the organization that significantly contributes to our enjoyment of Fountain Park – the Chestertown Garden Club. The Certificate of Recognition read, “Downtown Chestertown Association, representing the business Community offers their sincere appreciation to Chestertown Garden Club for their outstanding dedication and lasting contribution to the beauty and user-friendly design of Fountain Park.” DCA President, Nancy McGuire, commented how generous the club members are to encourage the public to “walk all over their hard work.”

In their pursuit to refine their organization and reinforce their support of Chestertown businesses – both retail and professional services - their campaign to Preserve Our Sense of Place - Think Chestertown First has became more defined. The DCA’s new alliance with American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA) assists DCA by sharing how a legion of other towns, across the nation, are approaching their economic needs.

Marilyn Klompus, Visionary Focus Group Chair, (410 810 4743) conducted their first “Visionary Conversation”. The conversations will continue in locations around town. Marilyn will report their findings at our monthly meetings.

Mayor Margo Bailey offered her encouragement and appreciation to the DCA for their diligence in representing the business community. As a support to Mayor Bailey’s tireless efforts for a “Green” community, DCA members asked DCA President to send a letter to the Kent County Commissioners imploring them to reconsider their termination of recycling. The business community would be particularly impacted by a lack of curbside recycling pick-up.

Suzanne Street, chair of the Farmers Market Artisans for the Town, was introduced to DCA members. She and the DCA will partner to enhance and bring attention to the valuable contribution Chestertown’s Farmers Market brings to the business community – both directly and indirectly.

The American Cruise Line visits (six this year) are being coordinated by a team of DCA members. President Nancy McGuire remarked, “What inspired and knowledgeable people there are in our community”. The Cruise Line visits will occur in June and July including an arrival on July 4th. Shops and businesses will be asked to open early to conform the ship’s schedule. Watch for how we will present Chestertown to the passengers.

DCA has begun planning Crazy Days for July. Ellen Walmsley (Pride & Joy), who has chaired the event for years, can be reached at 410 778 2233 for details and your offer to assist.

Michelle Timmons (Houston’s Dockside Emporium), Membership Chair, reported that our DCA membership continues to grow. President McGuire reminded us that “We can address concerns and implement solutions by knowing about them. Membership in the DCA is voice for those concerns. We are listening!” Michelle can be contacted at 410-778-9079.